Matting Systems

Treadsafe offer a comprehensive range of entrance matting systems including our  BASMAT brand - composed of aluminum profiles with a carpet, plastic or brushes insert, with choice several colors.

Treadsafe Distributors offer a professional measuring and fitting service for our Entrance Mats. We can arrange to have templates taken of the required area (for exact size) and the entrance mats can be made up in house. Call us for more details.

The combined action of the different materials acts as a dirt barrier preserving the cleanliness of the buildings flooring, helping to increase its durability, and reducing the consumption of pollutant products. Entrance Matting also helps to prevent accidents due to slipping.

Thanks to its unique click assembly system, the period between projection and installation is reduced to the minimum compared with similar products. Our Entrance Matting can be installed recessed or on a surface. A range of accessories is available: ramps and framing profiles. Its system of assembly, without towropes or connectors, allows the profiles to be cut to size onsite if necessary, and can be installed in floorings from 5/16" to 1/16" thick.

Entrance Matting can be installed anywhere; from houses to public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, banks or shops. It is suitable for heavy traffic and the harshest conditions, even outdoors.

The profiles are inserted one into each other, without using small pieces of connectors that could weaken the structure. As a result, this entrance matting system is characterised by its great resistance and durability, thanks to its 100% aluminum structure. Thanks to its click assembly system, the Basmat system can be installed in places where it is impossible to place similar mats of other manufacturers; irregular forms, on ramps, between automatic doors, between glass or screens, underneath skirtings, in laminated floors, on stairs, etc.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are the perfect way for your company to project a positive first impression, whilst protecting your internal floor coverings from ingressed dirt and moisture. Jaymart logo mats are manufactured using the latest computer technology to reproduce your logo, custom-cutting accurate inlays to produce exceptional results.

Choose from a variety of colourful material insert options for your logo mat:

Our Coir Logo Mats have long been established as a proven bestseller. Using only the best top quality coir our pvc backed coir logo mats are made to order.

Why not upgrade to our In-genius polypropylene brush rubber backed entrance matting, which is unlike coir matting is colourfast, making this and ideal material choice for logo entrance mats.

Alternatively the Aluminium Logo Entrance Mats is our top of the range mat, specifically engineered to withstand extra heavy footfall, the Aluminium logo mat range continues to be used in airports, shopping centres, supermarkets, department stores, cinemas, universities, race courses and hospitals, and is ideal for applications where performance under the severest of traffic conditions is required.

In addition to our traditional matwell logo mats we can also supply popular throw down barrier logo mats, both inlaid and printed. Our printed logo mats use advanced dyeing technology to ensure a deep and intense colour penetration. Colour is locked in to give your logo mat greater colour retention and a longer life. Boasting a standard colour palette of 99 colours, plus 700 more for special orders, all printed logo mats are nitrile rubber backed and have anti-trip edges to all 4 sizes. Printed logo mats can also be supplied with extra thick backing for matwell use.

You simply supply us with your logo and within 7-10 days we will supply your entrance with a prestigious top quality inlaid logo mat to help you to always make the very best first impression. Please check with our sales office for lead times on printed logo mats.


Ability to cover large areas, without dividing the mat in smaller parts, in contrast to other similar products.
Unlike other entrance matting systems, it is not necessary to lift it up to clean it.
In case of wear and tear, the textile, plastic or brushes strips, can be replaced by simply removing them from the profiles and inserting new ones.
The matting system is not limited to the entrance of a building, now it can be a flooring area as large as required.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To ensure your entrance matting continues to perform to the original high level of efficiency it is important to carry out the following.

Daily Cleaning
Normal daily cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner – the higher wattage model, the more thorough the result. The use of a rubber bladed wet tool attachment will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Periodic Maintenance
Best results can be achieved by the periodic use of a spray extraction carpet cleaning machine or where possible, by removal of the matting for pressure washing or steam cleaning.
The use of a mild detergent (neutral pH) cleaning solution in the carpet cleaning machine should loosen ingrained soiling and aid the removal of oils and grease. More stubborn stains should be treated with a solvent based spot remover prior to cleaning. Chewing gum can be removed by freeze spraying or with chewing gum remover and then scraped or combed out of the matting. This should be carried out prior to commencing the cleaning process.