Basmat Entrance Matting System Ireland

BASMAT is a premium entrance matting system that is proven to remove dirt and moisture from shoes. A quality product that will enhance the look of any building entrance.

Treadsafe Distributors are proud to bring you BASMAT originally launched as a product in 2006, leading the Spanish market of entrance matting systems. As a result, Basmat is established as a standalone company in June of 2009, considering the growing and intenationalisation perspectives.

BASMAT is focused on the development of a new concept of entrance matting systems. Traditionally, metallic doormats are composed of profiles joined by means of cables or connectors. Basmat is assembled thanks to its unique patented click system, adding numerous advantages that other similar products lack.

Basmat has its own R&D department, where it constantly develops and improves its products. Basmat provides a quick and efficient supply, and a continuous adaptation to changing market demands. Basmat manufactures its products in its factory located in Pamplona area (Spain).


The secret of Basmat

Basmat is a matting system composed of aluminum profiles to be assembled by means of a patented click system.

Easy to assemble, the Basmat aluminum entrance mats are delivered to the customer disassembled, with all the necessary elements for a quick installation.

Minimum periods: Fast delivery, thanks to its unique assembly system.

Infinite possibilities of installation: The click system turns what it was an isolated element at the entry of a building into a mat-flooring as large as desired. Architects, interior decorators, and specifiers can count on this attractive decorative element and effective dirt barrier to enhance their projects.


Basmat advantages

  • Basmat is an entrance mat system composed of aluminium profiles and textile, plastic or brush inserts, with the choice of several colours. Basmat enhances the interior aesthetics of the entrance.
  • The combination of different materials acts as a dirt barrier preserving the cleanliness of the buildings’ flooring, saving money in maintenance costs.
  • Basmat helps to increase the durability of the floors, and reduces the consumption of pollutant products that also damage the flooring.
  • Basmat helps to prevent accidents due to slipping (slips and falls).
  • Thanks to its unique click assembly system, the period between projection and installation is reduced to the minimum compared with similar products.
  • Basmat can be installed recessed or on a surface. A range of accessories are available: ramps and framing profiles.
  • Its system of assembly, without linking wires or connectors, allows the cutting of profiles on the site of installation, if necessary, and to make the appropriate adaptations.
  • Basmat can be installed anywhere; from houses to public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, industrial facilities, banks or shops. It is suitable for heavy traffic and the harshest conditions.
  • The profiles are inserted one into another by the unique click system, without using small pieces of connectors that could weaken the structure. As a result, Basmat is characterized by its great resistance and durability, thanks to its 100% aluminium structure.
  • Basmat is more than a mat, it is flooring. Thanks to its unique, simple and smart click assembly system, Basmat can be installed in places where it is impossible to place similar mats of other manufacturers; irregular forms, on ramps, between automatic doors, between glass or screens, underneath skirtings, in laminated floors, on stairs, etc. Basmat click assembly system is protected in several countries by a patent.
  • Basmat is specially conceived to cover large surfaces, without dividing the mat in smaller parts, in contrast to other similar products.
  • In contrast to other aluminium mats, it is not necessary to lift it up in order to clean it, using a vacuum cleaner is enough.
  • In case of deterioration, the textile, plastic or brush strips, can be replaced by removing them from the profiles and inserting new ones.
  • LEED points. Installing Basmat you can get LEED points: IEQ Credit 5 (1 point). MR Credit 4 (1-2 points), MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2 (1-2 points).

Treadsafe are distributors and supplier for Ireland of the quality Basmat entrance matting system.


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