Aluminium Profile Matting

Treadsafe Distributors specify and supply a wide range of aluminium profile matting.

Treadsafe’s Entrance Matting Systems are designed to stop dirt and moisture at the door, helping keep floors clean throughout your entire building. It is called a system because it's more than just a single mat. It consists of different types of mats, each performing a different function, to help keep your building clean.

The matting is available in many sizes, colors and constructions to fit any building and level of footfalll. Call us with details of your requirements and we will help!

An entrance matting system from Treadsafe provides:

  • Better looking floors
  • Floors that stay cleaner longer
  • Easier to maintain floors
  • Safer floors

These systems are the heavy duty barrier mat systems typically installed in heavy footfall locations such as Office Foyers, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls and Airports, etc.

The matting has an aluminium base, and is a bespoke fit to the matwell.

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