Dust Control Mats


Dust Control Mat is a generic term usually used to describe an entrance mat with an absorbent carpet pile on a rubber backing.

Dust control mats remove dirt, soil and moisture from foot traffic at the entrance to  your premises. It is recommended that the dust control mat  be at least 4 metres in length. This allows for each foot to make contact with the dust control mat at least 3 times allowing for optimal efficiency.

Dust control mats as the name implies are used to control dust in dusty environments. However, they are in reality no different in construction from standard mats used at entrance areas as these will all control dust and dirt.

One of the main uses for dust control mats is at door ways between dusty warehouse environments and office areas and they are used in order to minimise dust being tracked through into the clean office area. Another application is when refurbishment work is taking pace as a dust control mat can be used to prevent workers treading dust and debris into clean areas. They are also frequently used between factory production areas and office facilities.

Dust control mats usually come with a vinyl or rubber back and are usually edges on all sides to help the mat lay flat. For heavy duty use a rubber back should be specified.

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